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7th Anniversary Gateaway - Rosa Malacca

9 December 2017

Kami decided untuk stay di hotel Rosa Malacca. Actually nak stay kat 5 star hotel since this is our Anniversary Gateaway. Time to spend some money for our special day but since we booked last minute, most of the 5 star hotels were fully booked unless Premier Deluxe Suite gitulah which the price was almost 1k for one night because of during end of year + school holidays + weekend. Better save the money to something good.

So, after surveyed here and there, we found out this one lovely nice boutique hotel. Rosa Malacca!

waiting lounge

After baca the rating and review, this hotel is rated #3 at TripAdvisor. Not bad kan. Jadi, terus kami book this hotel instantly. Even though the price was quite steep during that time, tapi pejam mata je lah.

This hotel is located at Jalan Parameswara, Melaka but not near to the city centre. Tak sampai dengan jalan kaki to any attractions. Kena naik kereta untuk ke mana-mana. Tapi best sebab even though this is a boutique hotel, they have their own parking space.

Bila kami parked je kereta, masuk main door, terus macam Wowwww! Macam kena jackpot je. Haha

At the reception counter. Wow kan!

Harga hotel ni masa kami book RM 415++ semalam including breakfast. Aku booked through Agoda if I'm not mistaken. Kami hanya dapat book for 1 night sebab second night dah full house. Sedih!

Deluxe King Room

The toilet

Sink area

Dining area

Dining area

As for me, hotel ni memang sangat best. Very romantic place. We can book private and romantic dinner here as well. Aku tengok through their IG photos. And for your info, ada a few Malaysian celebrities pun pernah stay sini. Kelas kan!

Breakfast choices pun quite variety but not compared to 5 stars hotel la. But I like thier styles, very modern & urban gituh.

Pada sesiapa yang mencari hotel yang urban, modern but romantic, boleh try hotel ni sebab kalau aku ada peluang bercuti ke Melaka lagi, rasa nak stay kat hotel ni balik. Ok, that's all my review for this hotel.

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